Opera a most popular desktop version web browser updated its HTML client software for android version to opera mobile 12.1 for rich, interactive content, fast, smooth and easy to use on android mobile and tablet. This updated software for android operating system based smartphone gets new features same as downloadable to bigger screen windows platform.

The new features are

SPDY – like in Opera 12.10 desktop beta, which is a networking protocol similar to HTTP with faster mobile internet supports and Twitter and Gmail are two early adopters of the SPDY protocol in Opera mobile 12.1 android Apk.

WebSockets- Opera Mobile 12.1 for Android plans to create more secure browsing from spam attack by checking web sites and warning you if they’ve been involved in suspicious activities and improving two-way communications between your mobile device and web server for applications.

Android’s native browser, Chrome and Firefox for android supports to increase speed on the server side.

HTML5 features brings drag & drop, clipboard API (text and pictures) and CSS features offers to see better CSS3 web designing works like animations and flexbox along with HTML5 at client side and Turbo mode to increase speed of browsing and downloading data.


The latest Opera mobile 12.1 android apk supports ARM v6, v7, MIPS and X86 types of chipsets in android smartphone as well as Tablet.

Download Opera mobile 12.1 android Apk

Name: Opera Mobile web browser

App type- free available at Google Play store

Downloadable size: Differs from device to device

Note: As we tested this Opera mobile 12.1 android apk on samsung galaxy Ace, Samsung galaxy Y smartphone, installation failed due to low powered processors. The above screen shot taken from Samsung Galaxy S3 (32GB version) when surfing our css3 and responsive designed site droidblue.com.